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Method R product demonstration with Cary Millsap

During this video recording, Cary Millsap, our Oracle ACE Director, gives a practical demonstration of Method R.


Optimize Oracle Response times with Cary Millsap

Cary Millsap, an Oracle ACE Director, talks to…

Point of View

Got an Oracle-based app running slowly?

Here’s your guide to effectively diagnosing it. Oracle Ace Director Cary Millsap, explains the secret to successfully diagnosing and tackling performance issues with applications running on Oracle databases is to answer…

Case Study

Rapid AIX to Exadata migration

Cintra’s global migration factory migrates 60 databases from AIX to Exadata for high-profile healthcare provider in 30 days


Architecting software for the cloud

Abdul Sheikh, CTO at Cintra and John Abel,…


Bring clarity to the cloud

The enterprise cloud can be the engine that…


Data as a Service (DaaS)

Increase your business agility: launch products faster, comply…


User Experience Services

High-quality user experiences set the leading brands apart.…