Our expertise

Database services

Achieve the highest confidence in your business critical database environments by optimizing and securing your databases.  Delivering availability, agility, performance and security efficiently.

The information in your databases underpins every decision your business takes. To make the best choices and deliver great user experiences, you need that information in front of your customers and decision-makers the instant they need it.

Our Database services will help you do this and more. Whether your critical information is in the Cloud or on premise, we’ll help you protect it using encryption, ensure availability with clustering, make it perform with our blueprints and designs and help you manage it with our 24×7 proactive monitoring and managed services.

We are experts in delivering the best possible database architecture and service levels for your business critical databases with 20 years of experience and a track record behind us.

Database Health Checks

Cintra’s Database Health-Check identifies and helps resolve issues and provide you with the confidence that your database platform can meet your business needs.

A Database Health Check is a complete and comprehensive review of your databases and is geared towards maximizing database availability and performance.

High Availability Backup and Recovery

Oracle provides powerful technologies, tools and options to secure and make available any Oracle database, we are experts in the design and implementation of highly available architectures based on Oracle RAC, Data Guard, Recovery Manager and GoldenGate.

Database Upgrades, Installation and Configuration

Cintra has proven blueprints for target reference architectures on traditional hardware as well as Oracle Engineered Systems.  The Cintra database migration team are experts in the execution of database upgrades and migrations, producing robust platforms and optimal migration and upgrade path for a smooth transition from any legacy platform to a modern Oracle architecture.

Database Performance Review and Tuning

Performance tuning eliminates performance bottlenecks, improves customer experience and reduces overall cost of database operations.

Our database tuning experts quickly identify performance bottlenecks and root causes of performance issues within the database. Our tuning services have produced results that have removed bottlenecks from applications and enabled businesses to get on with business.

Database Security

Security issues resulting from insecure database architecture can cripple a business, destroy brand value and cost it a significant amount of money in lost revenue and compensation.

Cintra’s Oracle Security Assessment aims to resolve any issues and provide you with the confidence that your database platform can securely meet your business needs. Our security services help secure data through encryption, authentication, authorization, access control and data masking.

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