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Oracle services for ISVs

Win more business, increase profits, improve customer satisfaction and streamline the way your software business runs. Draw on Cintra’s unique global Oracle ISV services, proven to deliver success.

Transform your independent software vendor (ISV) business with modern architectures and Oracle pricing models designed to win you more business, boost profits and company valuation, open up new markets and make your employees more productive.

If your application is built around Oracle, speak to us today to explore what we can do for you.

Move your ISV products to the Oracle Public Cloud

As the Oracle Cloud Architects, we have the experience, blueprints and the track record in moving ISV solutions to the Public Cloud.

We do this by addressing two major objectives for any ISV; faster innovation of new Intellectual Property and quicker on boarding of new customers. All of this is backed by our public cloud solutions built around robust SLAs, designed to deliver enterprise quality Production and Disaster Recovery environments.

With your ISV application deployed in the Public Cloud new geographical growth opportunities and new markets become available to you. Along with faster-time to market, ability to deliver new functionality quicker – and importantly delivering cost effective innovation ahead of your competition.

Cost-efficient commercial arrangements

Oracle offers a variety of pricing approaches, yet many ISVs remain on complex and costly legacy commercial models that don’t align with how they want to do business.

We have the expertise to create – and get approval for – bespoke pricing that’s designed around your business model. Whether you’re working with cloud, hybrid or on-premises solutions, we can help you to reduce your third party technology support costs while at the same time, acquiring much needed new products: talk to us today to find out how much you could save.

Case study: Simplified licensing helps IDOX win

Optimized technology architectures

Non-optimized technology platforms lead to poor customer experiences, higher costs and unnecessary risk, both for you and your customers.

Cintra has proven techniques to optimize the Oracle technology platforms used by software vendors and their customers. Talk to us today about our repeatable blueprints for various sizes of cloud, on-premises and hybrid application deployment.

Operational efficiencies

Software vendors often find customer support costs are higher than they’d like. This is because many respond to issues reactively, rather than proactively monitoring and maintaining their application platforms. Cintra can help you reduce these support costs and improve customer satisfaction by looking after your Oracle technology platforms 24×7.

Our Managed Services start with a rapid platform assessment and scorecard that identify tactical and strategic improvements: contact us today to arrange this for your top three customers’ platforms.

Case study: Cost-effective managed services for global recruitment giant SThree

Why Cintra?

We’re the only Oracle Partner with a dedicated Global ISV practice. We’ve been helping Oracle ISVs streamline their commercial and technical operations for 20 years, so have unparalleled understanding of the challenges and opportunities for Oracle-based ISVs.

Get in touch today to discover how we can help you cut costs, enhance customer experiences and win more business.


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