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Migration services

Improve customer experience and reduce costs, while boosting security, availability, performance and agility on a supported platform: migrate your critical databases to modern architecture on-premise or in the Cloud.

Our database migration Center of Excellent helps you get from “A” to “B” with the minimal amount of risk and disruption to your business, migrations fall into the following categories:

  • Native version upgrades and migrations, such as Oracle 11g to 12c or SQL Server 2008 to 2012
  • Platform migrations such as moving from older platforms to a modern hardware or operating system such as Oracle Linux
  • Database migrations from SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Informix, Postgres, Ingres to Oracle
  • Data center migrations for major data center relocation initiatives
  • Cloud migrations to move from on premise to the cloud

Our proven blueprints and processes for migrations will minimize risk and downtime when considering a database migration, starting with a database migration assessment, we will help you understand the migration methodology process, including the necessary steps of a migration, how automation plays a key part in a low risk automated migration.

Low-risk migrations

Additionally, when moving from older unsupported database platforms to a modern database platform, the following benefits will be achieved:

  • Eliminate legacy databases’ and platforms’ with ever increasing support costs
  • Standardize databases and platforms, and leverage more powerful and supported technology
  • Reduce cost of ownership: achieving cost savings by replacing hardware, consolidating servers and using available skilled resources
  • Maximize resources; access to larger pool of skilled technical resources. The available pool of resources declines over time for older technologies

So whether it’s to migrate critical Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server databases to the latest versions, to transition from on-site to the Cloud, or to move from one hardware platform or operating system to another, our experienced experts can give you priceless peace of mind as you prepare your business for tomorrow.

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