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User experience services

High-quality user experiences set the leading brands apart. Our Method R approach focuses on measuring the performance that users experience, enabling you to ensure your new and existing Oracle systems deliver the performance your users demand.

Are your customers complaining your website is slow? Are your staff saying they can’t get work done because certain transactions take too long? Do things generally feel slower than they used to be? But are your database monitoring tools telling you everything is running fine?

Don’t get left behind

Gartner found that customer experience is expected to be the primary differentiator for nearly 90% of marketers by 2017. Your competitors are investing in user experience: don’t let your business get left behind. If you’re being held back by poor customer experiences, now is the time to act.

Ensuring quality user experiences in the age of the cloud

The transition to the cloud brings new performance challenges that require fresh approaches to resolve. As you enjoy the benefits of assigning responsibility for large parts of your environments to cloud service providers, it’s more important than ever that you genuinely understand how your users are experiencing your systems.

Traditional reactive techniques to do this are no longer enough.

Ensuring new systems perform

When you’re building new applications and functionality, you need to be sure they’ll deliver the performance your users demand. We don’t leave this to chance: our unique Method R approach measures how your code will perform and shows if and where you need to improve it.

Enhance your existing systems

When someone complains about a performance issue with one of your systems, you don’t want your technology team wasting time trying fixes that may be unsuccessful. You need a proactive, proven technique that quantifies the problem and identifies its actual causes.

Our unique Method R approach pinpoints exactly how and where your Oracle systems are spending your time. Using these insights, Cintra’s professional services and Managed Services teams will work with you to develop efficient code and quickly resolve issues to deliver optimal customer experiences.