About us

Our values

Cintra’s technical expertise sets us apart – and so do our values. Discover why major brands trust us to underpin their digital transformations.

You put your customers at the heart of everything you do, and so do we. Everyone at Cintra believes passionately in providing our customers with world-class services, so you’re free to focus fully on your business.

Cintra is built around the following key value pillars:

Customer Success

Your organization is unique. That’s why we believe in providing services and solutions that focus on you and your business objectives, driving business value and delivering services optimized for your specific business needs.

Our focus on your business is reflected throughout the services we provide. From architecture design, assessment programs, as well as our blueprinted implementation and integration services through to our fast response proactive managed services. We put you, the customer first every time.

Our honesty and customer-centric approach is why we’ve become a trusted long-term partner to so many organizations.


We drive agility within our company and we build it into our services and solutions, agility is at the heart of today’s transformation strategies and a focus of our team all the way from our founders down to our technical staff.

Our focus on ‘agility’ has been at the heart of our company since our inception; our founders have mandated that responsiveness and agility is embedded in everything we do. This is reflected in our ability to service our customers, exemplified from our Rapid Healthcheck services, Quickstart project startups, through to our fast response and proactive support model.

Risk Mitigation

You don’t like risk. We don’t like risk. It costs money and leads to opportunity costs. That’s why all our services and solutions are geared towards mitigating risk.

Our ‘blueprinted’ service delivery approach sees us test every part of every solution before delivery, so you can be confident it will work as expected. Our managed services teams proactively maintain and manage your systems, to keep them optimized and healthy ensuring security, performance and always available to support your business. This results in predictable project timelines and operational support.


Our focus and ingenuity in creating solutions aligned to our customers’ needs have resulted in some of the most powerful architecture solutions in the industry, we drive our experienced teams to apply sound concepts and ideas to solve problems and meet challenges in thoughtful and innovative ways.

Our People

Our people are our greatest assets, we hire the best from our extensive network which goes back 30 years in the industry, we reward our people for attracting like-minded professionals to support our consistent and ongoing global growth.  Our customers recognize the excellence our talented teams bring to every engagement.