Beyond the cloud: Everest Charity Expedition

By Steve Wyper

April 2023

Over the next two months, our friend Craig Hunter is embarking on an incredible journey to literally go to the top of the world. At Cintra, we believe in empowering individuals who strive to make a positive impact on the world. That’s why we are proud to be supporting Craig’s Mount Everest expedition, as he aims to raise over £10,000 for the Royal Marines Charity, an organisation that supports serving and former Royal Marines and their families.

As a former Royal Marine himself, Craig is no stranger to challenges, but summiting Mount Everest is the ultimate achievement for any mountaineer. We are humbled and proud to be associated with Craig’s endeavours and to provide him with sponsorship to help make his expedition and fundraising dream a reality.

Craig’s courage, drive, and willingness to help others are truly awe-inspiring and ripple through our business. We are honoured to have him as an ambassador for Cintra, representing our values of determination and compassion. Craig arrived in Nepal on April 3rd and has now left Dingboche to begin his final approach to Mount Everest Base Camp. You can follow his adventure of a lifetime by following us on social media, where we will be posting regular updates on his progress.

As Craig digs deeper into his reserves of bravery, grit, and determination over the coming weeks, we ask that you join us in digging deep as well to help him smash his fundraising target. There are no craft coffee shops, wine bars, pubs, or artisan bakeries on Mount Everest. All we ask is that you and your teams consider forgoing a daily treat or two to support an inspirational human on a heroic mission to help others.

Let’s unite in supporting Craig’s mission to conquer Mount Everest and make a difference in the lives of Royal Marines and their families. Together, we can help Craig achieve something extraordinary and meaningful. We encourage you to get involved and dig deep to sponsor Craig’s epic endeavours by donating on his Just Giving page: