The Entrenched Team

Tim Seyfried, Principal Consultant, Data Analytics Practice

April 2019


One of the most challenging tasks for a well-entrenched well-run BI practice to do is innovate for the future, but that is demanded in today’s world of data lakes, data scientist and business-driven analytics. What many organizations do is change talent, but that puts one of your most valuable assets at risk the single version of the truth that is the data warehouse and the institutional knowledge buried in the team.


Have Cintra come in and do an in-depth assessment of your current BI Analytics practice. We can outline what is being done well that is a value to the company, what isn’t being done well that needs to stop. We can help define the next steps, with milestones, to enable your organization to get more value from the data it has and could have.


You will have an advanced analytics team that is known and respected through your organization for enabling success through data-driven insights. You will have refocused the team on doing what is right and needed vs. the status quo without giving up what is working and needed going forward.