Our experts: up close

Go behind the scenes with one of our Glasgow-based Business Development Consultants, Scott Wyper.

scott-wyper I work as part of a small UK team in Glasgow and the main focus of my role is to create new business opportunities for the organization. We do that by working collaboratively with the technical and marketing teams to create highly engaging lead generation campaigns.

It’s a fairly structured approach where we create email sales campaigns, with direct follow-up to create engagements centered on Oracle technology. The satisfaction comes from taking someone from receiving that initial contact, through to seeing them sign off on their first invoice.

It’s a demanding, but highly fulfilling role and with each phone call we don’t know where it’s going to take us. But when you get that one opportunity, and you know that what we’re promoting will have a huge impact and potential, not only on Cintra but on the client too – it’s incredibly satisfactory!

My background is in something completely different – I was a chef for 20 years and spent a decade in New Zealand – I showed some initiative and Cintra gave me the support and opportunity to help me fulfil my potential by offering me a full time position in 2014. We’re given lots of training and mentoring from more senior and experienced co-workers to help us fine-tune the conversation we need to have, how to manage the opportunities we create and overcome objection handling – all to develop new revenue streams.

I like the fact that there are plenty of opportunity for me at Cintra to grow and develop. When I first joined it was just me and a couple of others in Glasgow, but we are growing fast and there is scope to work in our international offices. Right now, I really enjoy working with the team here. We’ve an excellent working relationship and often go out lunch as a team most days, we’re even know to go to the gym on occasions – as well as the odd night out on a Friday evening. It’s really a great place to be.