Cintra kicks off Autonomous Data Warehouse managed service for Powertool World


LONDON, 30th December 2019: Cintra, the Oracle enterprise cloud architecture specialist, today announces the go-live of its latest managed service, for online powertool retailer, Powertool World.

The service will see Cintra delivering and managing a significantly enhanced reporting capability for the ecommerce business, using Oracle Cloud Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW). This will unlock completely new levels of insight for the retailer, enabling its decision-makers to gain broader and deeper understanding of numerous aspects of its operations.

Real-time view

Cintra will be setting up real-time replication to ADW from Powertool World’s existing Oracle database, which is tuned for high-volume online transaction processing (OLTP). This will give the retailer up-to-the-minute insights, while still delivering exceptional performance and user experiences for its website visitors.

This work is being delivered under an Oracle Managed Service Provider (MSP) contract, whereby Powertool World benefits from the simplicity of a single contract with Cintra for both the Oracle and Cintra services.

More time to focus on core business

Chris Guy, Managing Director at Powertool World, said: “We’ve long wanted to gain these richer insights into customer behaviour, products and our overall business performance. Cintra’s recommendation of Oracle Cloud Autonomous Data Warehouse, delivered as a managed service, has the potential to be truly transformational. It will free my teams from having to deploy and manage technology, leaving them free to analyze the data and help inform decisions that will ultimately affect our revenues and profits.”

Simon Dunleavy, ISV Solutions Development Director at Cintra, added: “Cintra’s role here is to look after the complexities of making this enhanced reporting a reality. We make it simple for Powertool World to understand its business better, by taking care of everything behind the scenes. We then present its stakeholders with the insights that will enable them to make better-informed decisions that will hopefully lead to profit and business growth.”