Cintra C-Suite

Cintra C-Suite is a comprehensive platform-management solution that enables you to manage, monitor and optimize software applications on a private cloud or public cloud architecture.

C-Suite comprises a number of components – we pick the right ones for your needs.

C-Suite Nucleus discovers and documents existing architectures and configurations. It generates an architecture scorecard and produces future-state blueprints for applications to move to the cloud, thereby providing a clear roadmap to migrate your application to the cloud.

C-Suite Method R profiles the performance of any Oracle-based application and optimizes it ready for the cloud, as well as enhancing the customer experience. This integrates with the C-Suite SLA Manager to provide ongoing monitoring of business function performance to an agreed SLA. This ensures you get optimal performance from your application.

C-Suite Cloud Transform integrates with the C-Suite Nucleus module to auto-provision appropriate cloud platforms, thereby giving you a genuinely agile deployment capability. This accelerates and de-risks your migration to the cloud.

C-Suite Catalyst is a software license and contract monitoring and management module. It provides reporting tools to support contract lifecycle management. This ensures your deployments are both compliant and managed carefully.

C-Suite Sensor monitors and maintains your application infrastructure 24×7. This proactive service monitors your whole Oracle environment, delivering a total managed service in line with contract commitments, and reporting metrics defined with your organization.

C-Suite SLA Manager is our cloud-based performance-management module to deliver user-experience-defined service level agreements (SLAs). Contract terms and conditions are managed and automated to ensure SLAs are adhered to and penalty clauses are managed to mitigate commercial risk.


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