IMPACT CEPC provides targeted marketing services to medium and large companies, enabling you to manage your marketing data.

It enables you to collect, connect, analyze, interpret and redeploy information in real-time, so you can ultimately deliver optimal and consistent experiences through every channel.

IMPACT CEPC enables you to prioritize customer activity at a highly granular level, based on multiple variables that are relevant to personalized profiles, channel type and content. This means you can be more accurate and responsive in your activity with the customer, resulting in higher performance interaction and improved customer experience.

The application is used to upsell to existing customers or identify and sell to new customers.

It enables you to rapidly develop and optimize updated customer profiles, such as peak workloads.

The software delivers user-experience-defined SLAs. Contract terms and conditions are managed to ensure SLAs are adhered to, and penalty clauses are managed to mitigate commercial risk.

IMPACT CEPC enables you to manage, monitor and optimize the new software capabilities on-premises, on a private cloud or public cloud.

IMPACT CEPC allows for accelerated cloud adoption and provides the highest level of service and related SLAs.

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