Security and Intelligence Services


ACOS- C gives security services and agencies visibility of sensitive operations whilst:

  • Mitigating risk
  • Enforcing policies
  • Improving safety to personnel
  • Delivering operational value


ACOS-C enables the management of all aspects of undercover and discreet operations including informant, witness protection, assumed identity and intelligence operations.

System solution incorporates:

  • Central storage of highly sensitive data
  • Secure data environment with incremental hardening
  • Threat detection and prevention to protect community members’ safety
  • Secure process tracking
  • Automated workflows and SLAs
  • Real-time tracking of in-field operations
  • Executive decision making
  • Search functionality
  • Local and consolidated reporting
  • Procedure and rule-setting for high-risk operations
  • Emergency support
  • Governance, regulatory and policy management


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