Architecting airline business success

At Cintra, we pride ourselves in offering world leading architecture optimization services to the Airline industry, we start by establishing an architecture baseline – a thorough understanding of where your business is today – then deploying an architecture-led design, aligned to your unique business requirements, that helps our Airline customers transition from a traditional architecture to an optimized private cloud infrastructure. It’s a proven process that has helped transform a number of well-known Airlines.

To date, we’ve worked with Airlines big and small and in every area of this thriving sector. For JetBlue Airways Corporation – currently the fifth largest airline in the United States – we designed and implemented a Cintra optimized Oracle architecture to support the Airline’s key applications; that support its business critical systems, including aircraft maintenance, passenger services, reservations, crew management etc.

The optimized Oracle infrastructure was aligned to JetBlue’s complex business objectives and importantly, is flexible enough to support growth and expansion, transforming technology into an enabler rather than a barrier.

For example, we enabled the aircraft maintenance planning queries to be reduced from 15 to 5 minutes per aircraft. We also assisted JetBlue with FAA reporting for AC Records lockdown, where it was taking days and is now achievable in minutes.


JetBlue Case Study

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In another part of the Airline industry, we stepped in when then a cargo carrier faced the need to upgrade and modernize its Oracle architecture within a short time period, and to provide a higher level of redundancy, uptime, performance and data protection.

Cintra’s blueprinted delivery ensured that the new architecture was deployed in an aggressive timescale (significantly faster than could have been achieved with a custom-built architecture). We also complimented the architecture design and its implementation with real-time responses provided by our 24×7 global Oracle managed services, allowing the Airline to get on with business and not be burdened by a large internal team and the associated cost.

Our balance of benefits, cost and simplicity has provided many customers within the Airline sector with a platform that enables and accelerates the business while managing complexity and cost.


Cargo Case Study

Cintra’s been a key partner in helping us solve the challenges that we’ve had by presenting us with the solutions that were applicable to what we were looking to solve… And I definitely have a feeling of comfort when dealing with Oracle. It’s a combination of the technology, the performance and the ingenuity.

Prem Abichandani, Manager, Database Administration


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