Financial services? You can count on our support

Our experience in building and supporting proven database architectures for the financial marketplace demonstrates our commitment to this market. To date, we’ve empowered investment banks, hedge funds, retail banks and trading organizations by delivering real time and agile database solutions.


Our work with Union Bank is a prime example of how we make a difference. Known as the most dependable bank of Nigeria they approached us when they were faced with an upgrade of Oracle Flexcube from an older legacy version. They required a new enterprise architecture to provide high levels of redundancy and performance without a lengthy and complex implementation program. We were able to help.

We came to the table and performed a rapid, detailed architecture options review and laid out an architecture design based on an Oracle Engineered Systems strategy with the Oracle Database Appliance at the heart of the new design. The benefits of the new architecture were quickly realized and reflected in a reduced deployment timeline, reduced complexity coupled with performance improvements for end-users and end-of-day and end-of-month processing functions.

As the database experts, we have a detailed knowledge of the database and architecture solutions available, and are able to provide a variety of enterprise-class solutions targeted to the needs of clients within the financial services sector.

Cintra delivered on the promise of a project conducted with a high degree of due diligence and technical excellence combined with a risk mitigation focus based on Cintra's blueprints. I am impressed with Cintra's architecture lead approach which has provided me with the best possible highly available and high performance platform for my Flexcube Retail Banking platform.

IT Director

Union Bank

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