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Our understanding of the gaming industry’s specific needs is underlined by our longstanding involvement with GVC Gaming, one of the world’s biggest sports and gaming groups. When the company acquired SportingBet in March 2013, we were asked to evaluate its digital transformation strategy, enabling it to re-engineer its Oracle Enterprise Architecture and create an Oracle-on-Oracle-engineered system. The results? Significantly reduced operational costs combined with improved performance and agility.

With real-time betting and incoming data feeds from multiple providers, today’s gaming industry has evolved almost beyond recognition. The data has to be constantly updated with live prices and liabilities and then outputted across a number of consumer channels, such as websites, tablets and smartphones in order for the end user to be able to bet during live sporting fixtures.

This is done in almost real time. The operating model is similar to that of the stock market, where the processing of data needs to happen in milliseconds and be highly available. It’s why database architecture is so critically important to many gaming businesses.

For this particular project, the first phase involved embarking on a critical evaluation of the existing Enterprise Architecture and Oracle licensing position. The next steps were then to re-architect the Oracle estate and instigate a cloud technology strategy to help achieve the objectives.

Ultimately, the digital transformation, encompassing Oracle Exadata and cloud technologies, resulted in a true Oracle-on- Oracle-engineered Enterprise Architecture that has seen the organization reduce its OpEx IT spend and improve its performance and agility. The company now has a new and future-proofed Oracle Engineered Architecture that can support business transformation, modernization and cloud plans well into the future.

Our work with GVC Gaming is just one example of how a robust, highly performant and inherently scalable platform can support, optimise and boost gaming businesses.

We now have a new and future-proofed Oracle Engineered Architecture that can support our business transformation, modernization and cloud plans well into the future.

Keith Laidlaw, Group CTO

GVC Gaming

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