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Computer Task Group (CTG)– case study

Enabling application provider CTG to create a winning service proposition


Cintra’s blend of Oracle technical and commercial expertise helps independent software vendor Computer Task Group (CTG) create a new service offering that’s proving a hit with customers around the world.


CTG’s Disclosure Management System (DMS) provides a secure and controlled means of disclosing authorized telecommunications records to law-enforcement agencies when investigating suspected criminal activity.

DMS is a proven software platform, typically installed on the customer’s own hardware. CTG wanted to make it easier for clients to adopt DMS. Its aim was to offer a complete, packaged ‘solution-in-a-box’, priced on a ‘pay-as-you-use’ basis, to align with its customers’ expectations. This would be delivered to clients under a single contract that included the hardware, application and Oracle licenses.

Read the case study to see how Cintra enabled CTG to create a winning service proposition that helped it win major clients in the Americas and Europe.


Key outcomes

  • Simplified buying process for CTG customers
  • End-to-end support from Cintra for CTG during pre-sales, onboarding and operation of the service
  • CTG able to repeatedly put forward winning business propositions as a result of Cintra’s architecture design and technical pre-sales support


“They’ve been our eyes and ears in shaping the Oracle elements of the solution, and the architecture diagrams, documentation and services packages they provide us are key in enabling us to win over customers with an attractive proposition.”

Graham Ring, Managing Director, CTG


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