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Airline case study

A leading Cargo Airline Carrier has served the freight airline industry for 15 years and relies on the TRAX MRO solution. The airline now runs on an Oracle-on-Oracle optimized architecture.

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Cintra has provided Oracle DBA support to TRAX customers for over 5 years. Providing blueprinted Oracle architectures complemented by a proactive fast response support program to ensure the availability and performance of mission critical aircraft maintenance and support systems at all times.

The challenge  

The Airline Carrier was faced with the need to upgrade and evolve the database architecture supporting their TRAX platform, upgrading the current Oracle Standard Edition Failsafe Cluster on Windows to Oracle Enterprise Edition on RAC and Linux.

The new architecture was required within a short time period to meet upcoming application release schedule, and to provide a higher level of redundancy, uptime and performance.

Key differentiators

  • Cintra’s database architecture roadmap provided a clear plan with a complete view of benefits and costs
  • Cintra’s blueprinted delivery ensured a low risk deployment within aggressive timescales
  • Cintra’s balance of benefits, cost and simplicity provided the customer with a platform that supports the business while managing complexity and cost

“Cintra provides focused Oracle architecture design, implementation and managed services to TRAX customers to achieve the best possible result for an optimal MRO ERP platform.”

Cintra and TRAX

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