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Airline Method R optimization – case study

European airline uses Method R to optimize key applications


Method R enables a European airline to diagnose and resolve performance slowdowns within days, while demonstrating a $250K+ SAN upgrade was not required.

The airline wanted to identify whether a SAN upgrade would address some application performance issues it was facing. The revolutionary Method R approach quickly pinpointed the causes – and it wasn’t the SAN.

These insights enabled the airline’s database partner to address the issues. In one case, it was able to cut the time of the task from 96 seconds to one second.


Key outcomes

  • Results from Method R software identified the existing SAN wasn’t the cause of the slow performance
  • Method R identified the actual causes, which were then rectified in just 30 minutes
  • Key business tasks run dramatically faster
  • Airline successfully addressed its performance challenges for less than 2% of the cost of replacing its SAN


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