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Aptitude Software – AWS case study

Flagship accounting product deployed on AWS using Cintra’s Oracle-on-AWS architecture expertise.


Like all forward-thinking organizations, Aptitude Software is evolving its product portfolio to take advantage of the opportunities presented by digital technologies and cloud computing. Part of this business transformation includes offering the Aptitude Accounting Hub in the cloud.

Cintra’s remit was to deliver a fully productionized version of the Aptitude Accounting Hub in AWS, including both the application and its database. The new product will encourage existing customers to switch, while attracting new business in new markets with a financially competitive offering

Cintra chose AWS Relational Database Service (RDS), with BYOL licensing. Cintra selected RDS for the database to minimize the management overhead for Aptitude Software.


Key outcomes

  • Delivered on-time and to budget
  • New market expansion due to competitive cloud pricing model
  • 24×7 cloud-enabled managed services support with proactive maintenance for all new Aptitude Accounting Hub deployments


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