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AWS RDS – online retailer case study

Cintra takes online retailer’s ecommerce platform to Amazon Relational Database Service (AWS RDS)


Cintra guides well-known US retailer on its journey to the cloud, architecting and delivering a platform that achieves ecommerce-grade service levels in an affordable way.

An online retailer that connects artists and the public needed to upgrade and evolve the on-premises database architecture supporting its core revenue generating ecommerce application. The main goal for the architecture transformation was to replace end-of-life technology, while also delivering:

  • High-availability architecture
  • Online transactional and reporting performance
  • Elasticity
  • Cost management
  • Minimal-downtime migration and cutover


Key outcomes

  • Our detailed business, technical and commercial discovery gives customer objective view of platform options
  • Design, build and migration delivered within tight commercial deadline
  • Architecture design gives customer enterprise-class high-availability


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