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Cloud computing – best practice guide

Make your business more agile and customer-centric by creating an IT environment that genuinely supports these goals.


This guide will explore the benefits of the Oracle cloud, help you understand how to start your cloud journey in a low-risk way and overcome the biggest challenges.


Cloud brings with it transformational opportunities for your business. It can enable you to be more agile, flexible and sustainable, while reducing risk.

Most importantly, it can make you truly customer-centric.

In this guide we’ll cover:

  • Five reasons your business needs cloud – embrace it today
  • What every business must do before moving to the cloud
  • Design, implement and manage a successful cloud environment
  • Overcome the challenges of cloud


“Cloud computing isn’t a product: it’s a cost-effective way of delivering technology services that support your business. There’s no single approach to cloud: your organization will need to form the right strategies that unleash the benefits you require.”

David Speirs, Catalyst Business Solutions and Gartner Executive Partner Associate