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Charles Taylor InsureTech – case study

Creating cloud-enabled insurance ERP


Cintra partners with Charles Taylor InsureTech to architect an OCI platform and automate deployment of its INSIS policy admin solution. This benefits customers by reducing TCO of implementations, enabling them to scale and flex their core insurance platform alongside business growth.


Charles Taylor InsureTech wanted to move INSIS to the cloud, to enable it to offer the product as software as a service (SaaS), and provide clients with the ability to scale and flex their core platform alongside business growth, decommissioning of legacy systems and the roll-out of new insurance products.


Key outcomes

  • Using Charles Taylor InsureTech’s INSIS on Oracle Cloud, customers benefit from scalability and flexibility
  • OCI platform and automation significantly reduce customer onboarding time and TCO of implementation
  • Cintra and Charles Taylor InsureTech partnership provides customers more scope to focus on business transformation and get the full benefits of INSIS


“The partnership with Cintra enables Charles Taylor InsureTech’s team to focus more on innovative insurance application development, with Cintra taking care of platform provisioning and maintenance. This combines to deliver high-end insurance solutions to mutual end customers”


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