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Migrating to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL – CTDI case study

Helping CTDI migrate a Fortune 500 technology giant to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL.


CTDI provides logistics and repair services on behalf of some of the world’s biggest and most well-known electronics and telecoms brands. At the center of its operations is a bespoke management application, which has traditionally run on Oracle. 

A globally recognized Fortune 500 business, and strategic CTDI client, had requested that its CTDI system and data be migrated from an on-premises solution running in three of its own data centers, to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL platform.

CTDI had identified Amazon Aurora as its preferred solution, and it asked Cintra to advise which database technology would be the best fit. Following an objective technology comparison, Cintra recommended PostgreSQL.

Cintra’s role was then to:

  • Produce a strategic roadmap
  • Provide ongoing technical advisory during CTDI’s planning and design of the AWS production environment and DR solution, as well as the migration of the customer workload


Key outcomes

  • CTDI quickly deploys a tier-one customer to a globally available Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL platform
  • CTDI now has a multi-database strategy, enabling it to choose whether to deploy customers on Oracle or PostgreSQL
  • CTDI establishes blueprint for enhanced service levels


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“Even as we’ve been using more cloud across the business, the database was always considered too complex and important to move. This project has taken down that barrier.”

Naveen Garg, Senior IT Manager at CTDI