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Data Warehouse Automation – Datasheet

A model-driven & automated approach


Your enterprise applications are managing critical operational data and processes. To meet the critical business need for analytics, Data Warehouse Automation is an off-the-shelf solution for business-driven information management that automates the design, construction and operation of data warehouses.


Software automation quickly and easily aggregates data from all transactional sources. And, Data Warehouse Automation includes further automation to generate the metadata required for commonly used BI tools to build reports and analyses. Use the BI tool of your choosing – Data Warehouse Automation makes it easier.

Key benefits:

  • Model-driven automation
  • Elimination of manual tasks
  • Fastest time to Go Live
  • Flexible architecture
  • Easily accommodates change
  • Superior query performance
  • Scales with new requirements
  • Full documentation
  • Lowest TCO, best ROI
  • Enables Agile BI