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Design, implement and manage a successful cloud environment

The key to creating a successful cloud environment – be it public, private or a hybrid – is to think it through properly. What business benefits do you want from cloud? These should inform your cloud and IT strategy, which will then guide everything you do and help you answer questions such as what to put in the cloud.


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Get the elements right and you’ll soon realize the benefits of cloud. In this opinion we’ll look at detail into:

  • The best way to start a cloud program
  • Licensing considerations
  • Maintaining your cloud environment
  • Your own route to cloud success


“Once you’ve pinpointed what you want to achieve with cloud, you can start to define what your cloud architecture needs to look like. Every business is different, but just as with your on-premise architecture, you can take advantage of proven design patterns to reduce risk, speed up delivery and ensure you procure the right Oracle capabilities for your business.”


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