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11 things to know before migrating Oracle apps to the cloud

Oracle’s cloud is engineered to work with your Oracle applications, but it isn’t simply a case of shifting exactly what you’ve got on-premise to the cloud.


Here are 11 things you need to consider as you plan your cloud migration.


Organizations across all sectors are gradually moving their technology to the cloud, to enjoy all the benefits this can bring. But one area they haven’t been as quick to migrate is their critical Oracle enterprise applications, such as E-Business Suite or Primavera. This is largely because these applications get heavily customized to suit the organization’s unique ways of working. Shifting to a one-size-fits-all software as a service (SaaS) solution isn’t viable.

This point of view goes into detail with 11 things to consider as you prepare to move your business-critical Oracle applications to the cloud:

  1. Choose the right flavor of Oracle IaaS
  2. Decide what to put in the cloud
  3. Think long-term
  4. Don’t assume you can just ‘lift & shift’
  5. What’s your application connected to?
  6. Can you consolidate on premise?
  7. How will you move the data?
  8. What about security?
  9. Think about availability
  10. Licensing
  11. Plan the migration

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