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Exadata/Exalogic patching case study

Agile and robust Oracle Exadata and Exalogic patching keeps wireless infrastructure provider’s application enhancements and analytics reporting program on track


Agile and robust Oracle Exadata and Exalogic patching keeps wireless infrastructure provider’s application enhancements and analytics reporting program on track


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A large American wireless infrastructure operator selects Cintra to patch the Oracle Engineered Systems platform for its business-critical ERP software. This has laid the foundations for a series of application improvements and analytics reporting projects.


Key outcomes


  1. Rapid and robust patching on business-critical platform delivered on time and to budget
  2. Blueprinted proactive 24×7 delivery approach accelerates patching and minimizes business impact
  3. Patching delivered out-of-hours by an experienced global team, led by local Oracle Engineered Systems experts


Read the case study