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GVC Gaming – case study

GVC Gaming Boosts Efficiency and Reduces Costs with an Oracle Exadata and Cloud Strategy


GVC Gaming, a global sports and gaming group, understood that technology was the enabler of its future success and growth. During the acquisition of rival SportingBet in 2013, it pursued an IT strategy that focused on two objectives: reducing operational costs and improving the performance of the overall IT infrastructure.

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GVC Gaming achieved both goals with outstanding results. This has enabled the organization to embark on an on-going business transformation, modernization and cloud adoption program.

The outcome:

The digital transformation and modernization program, encompassing Oracle Exadata and cloud technologies, has resulted in a true Oracle-on-Oracle-engineered Enterprise Architecture that has seen the organization reduce it OpEx IT spend and improve its performance and agility.

Crucially, these improvements have had a direct impact on the organization’s profitability and business performance, including:

  • Reducing maintenance costs by over £132,000 per year
  • Reducing monthly power, maintenance and rental costs from £18K to £1.5K
  • Cutting Oracle licensing costs
  • Improving operational performance, thereby enabling marketing to increase lead-generation activity
  • Trebling the number of settlements, the architecture could handle from 40,000 to 120,000 per hour
  • Cutting Internet Protocol Transit costs by directing certain traffic segments to a new cloud-based environment
  • Contributing to profitability and positively impacting share price

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