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Healthcare business Exadata transformation – case study

Exadata architecture supports healthcare pioneer’s life-changing medical R&D


Cintra architects and delivers a modern foundation for plasma collector’s business-critical management system, which handles the data underpinning life-changing healthcare research and development.

Using Cintra’s proven reference architectures, the team put together a design for the new Exadata platform, with multi-region redundancy and Real Application Clusters (RAC) to provide the necessary business continuity capability.

Cintra then oversaw the installation of the Exadata machines, and proceeded to configure them, build the platform and run a test migration. Once this had been fully proven, the team worked on-site with the client, providing hyper-care go-live services to deliver the production cutover during a short, overnight window.


Key outcomes

  • Improved performance for enhanced donor experiences
  • Better stability
  • Simpler maintenance
  • Enabler of business expansion