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IDOX case study

Simplified Oracle licensing helps independent software vendor IDOX win new business and enter new markets


New Cintra-designed Oracle licensing model rapidly helps IDOX win new customers and better support existing ones. The new approach cuts costs, improves cash flow, simplifies IDOX’s sales process, reduces administration and accelerates customer installations.




Underpinning important public services

As an independent software vendor (ISV) that provides software, services, managed services and content to the wider public sector. IDOX solutions are widely used in the UK, where around 75% of local authorities rely on its Uniform suite of applications. Uniform is an important part of IDOX’s business and accounts for a significant proportion of its revenue – and is underpinned by Oracle Database Standard Edition, meaning all IDOX customers must have Oracle licenses for their systems.


However, as the local authority landscape evolved, IDOX found the traditional Oracle licensing model was adding complexity and didn’t align with the way its customers wanted to procure and operate their systems. This was hampering its ability to win new customers and retain existing ones.

IDOX approached Cintra, to explore solutions to its complex licensing challenges. Drawing on its deep understanding of the Oracle ISV licensing options, Cintra proposed, and secured Oracle’s approval for a new model that resolved all its challenges. The new model means IDOX and its customers no longer need to worry about what infrastructure the software resides on.


  • Simpler licencing accelerates sales, reduces administration and speeds up customer roll-out
  • Cintra-designed commercial model slashes Oracle license costs, making product more attractive
  • New approach devised and implemented in less that three months; ROI under a year


“The license model that Cintra devised and put in place for us has led to a massive simplification, both for us an ISV and our customers. It’s dramatically reduced administration and we no longer have to teach our salespeople, project managers and customers the intricacies of Oracle licensing. It’s turned that part of the sales process into a really easy conversation.”

Tony Marshall, Head of Central Services at IDOX