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Information Lifecycle Management best practice guide

Combine Information Lifecycle Management with tiered storage architecture to unleash better customer experiences, cost savings and greater business agility.


Connected devices, digital services, social media, other Big Data and regulators’ requirements are fueling an incredible rise in the amount of information in your business. This represents an amazing opportunity for you to better understand the market and your customers, and develop improved products and services that enable you to thrive.

In this guide we’ll cover:

  • Why your business is (probably) drowning in a data deluge
  • Information Lifecycle Management: Harness the power of your data
  • Tiered storage architecture demystified
  • Oracle-on-Oracle: how you can benefit


“This guide looks in depth at why the status quo isn’t sustainable, it explains how to improve your Information Lifecycle Management in achievable steps and looks at how this enables you to exploit tiered storage architecture. As part of this, we’ll explain some of the additional benefits Oracle database customers can enjoy by using Engineered Systems and Storage Appliances in their architecture.”

David Spears, Catalyst Business Solutions and Gartner Executive Partner Associate