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Java licensing training session – video

Training: Java licensing changes – what you need to know


Over the last 12 months, Oracle has introduced new licensing rules for Oracle Java. Java is no longer always free and software developer users will now need to buy and maintain a license if they use Oracle Java.

Are you able to answer the following questions?

  • Do you know what the new licensing rules are?
  • Is your company exposed?
  • What are your unforeseen budget expenses of these new and complex rules?
  • Do you know even where to start to quantify what risks you may have?


If not, request access to our online Java training recording.

You’ll learn about:

  • Overview of Oracle’s new Java licensing rules
  • The Java licensing agreement
  • How Java is licensed, per user and per processor
  • What agreement options are available in the market
  • How to start a Java SAM project internally at your organization
  • What tools you can use, and what questions you can ask internally and externally to create a Java roadmap