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JetBlue Managed Services – case study

Cintra celebrates seven years of database managed services excellence for JetBlue.


Cintra has worked with JetBlue since 2014, providing proactive 24×7 managed services for the Oracle databases underpinning some of its most critical systems.
During this time, JetBlue has experienced zero major unplanned outages of the systems Cintra looks after, thanks to Cintra’s preventative maintenance and fast-response support.

Cintra’s role at JetBlue:

  • Providing databases for JetBlue’s e-commerce system, which in 2019 handled a majority of the airline’s revenue
  • Maintaining the databases that support its aircraft maintenance application
  • Looking after the databases underpinning JetBlue’s airport operations, including airport operation staffing management.


In addition to the technical managed services, Cintra takes care of JetBlue’s Oracle commercial licensing needs, to ensure the airline is always fully compliant.

Key outcomes

  • Cintra’s platforms within the JetBlue network have experienced zero major unplanned outages since Cintra managed services commenced in 2014
  • Cintra’s preventative maintenance and fast-response support ensures the health and capacity of the database platforms


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“As an airline, real-time, critical-system support is essential to our operations. Cintra has been such a valuable managed services business partner for so many years.”

Josephine Ciurleo, Acting Vice President, Technology at JetBlue