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Master Data Management Automation Data Sheet

Master data that describes a transaction is often stored differently in different transactional systems. When there are numerous source systems, maintaining consistency of this master data can be a challenge.


Master Data Management Automation enables creation of a holistic environment for managing an organization’s reference and master data, encompassing capabilities for modeling, data integration, data quality, data matching, data validation, workflow & routing and publishing master data to downstream decision support applications.

With Master Data Management automation, you can configure rules-based matching of data from multiple sources, deploy a data stewardship and governance process to handle exceptions, and even manage multiple hierarchies to support additional views of data. This “gold copy” of clean master data ensures that only consistent and accurate data is loaded into the data warehouse.

Key benefits:

  • Model-driven automation
  • Elimination of manual tasks
  • Fastest time to Go Live
  • Flexible architecture
  • Easily accommodates change
  • Enterprise-wide solution
  • Built for every domain
  • Scales with new requirements
  • Full documentation
  • Lowest TCO, best ROI