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Medical Management case study

Medical Management solutions upgrades to a Cintra SE-Guard redundant database architecture


Medical Management were running their core business critical medical management billing system on an aging Oracle architecture, faced with growing data volumes and decreasing performance, the architecture needed to be upgraded to a modern version of Linux and the Oracle RDBMS.

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The challenge

The primary requirement of the new Oracle database architecture was to achieve a high level of redundancy and performance at a low cost and to complete the implementation quickly in order to get the business functioning optimally.

Typical Oracle database architecture redundancy options require the use of Oracle enterprise edition which was not financially feasible so a low cost and proven option was needed to provide the level of database redundancy required.

Key differentiators

  • Cintra’s blueprinted deployment provided a risk free optimal architecture with embedded best practices
  • Cintra’s risk free migration process provided a smooth initial test migration followed by an assured production migration
  • Cintra’s balance of benefits, cost and simplicity provided Medical Management with a platform that will support the business while managing complexity and cost

“As our established Oracle Partner, Cintra performed our Medical Billing System Oracle database architecture upgrade quickly and without any disruption to my day to business. The new Architecture has resolved prior performance issues and provides me with a high degree in confidence with the database redundancy provided by SE-Guard. Cintra has served my Oracle needs flawlessly since 2009.”

Owner, Medical Management Solutions

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