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Migration Services Data Sheet

Peace of mind during critical migrations


Unleash the benefits of state-of-the-art technology: migrate to a modern architecture, using Cintra’s proven risk-mitigated migration service. We’ll help you migrate from your legacy platform or database technology to a modern platform that enables you to deliver confident service levels, improved customer experiences, robust security and more.


Key benefits

  • Eliminate the risks associated with running on fragile, unsupported legacy platforms with shrinking skills pools
  • Reduce total cost of ownership compared to legacy platforms
  • Enjoy better performance, greater security and agility
  • Transition to modern, optimized, cloud-ready architecture for the digital age
  • Minimize migration risk through rigorous planning, blueprinted delivery, automated progress tracking and migration monitoring
  • Leverage migration accelerators to dramatically speed up processes and reduce cost
  • Execute low-impact or zerodowntime migrations using Oracle GoldenGate and other automation tools
  • Automated migration of non-Oracle databases and associated business logic to Oracle, to achieve results in months, not years
  • Full end-to-end migration delivery and project management