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Oracle AWS services datasheet

Oracle-on-AWS services: Helping you successfully run Oracle workloads on AWS

We’re the experts at running enterprise-grade Oracle workloads on AWS. We’ll help you move to AWS, or optimize if you’ve already moved.

Discover how we can help you:

  • Transition any Oracle database, or any application running on Oracle, including bespoke and third-party software
  • Deliver the right service levels in a commercially sustainable way: we use proven architecture designs and right-size your platform
  • Achieve enterprise-grade performance and availability where required, including RAC-like high-availability
  • Move to AWS quickly and with minimal risk, using our 24×7 migration factory, which follows blueprinted, automation-driven processes
  • Ensure you have the right Oracle licenses, while optimizing ROI on your spend
  • 24×7 cloud managed services free up your teams to focus on core business and innovation
  • If you’re an application provider or independent software vendor, we provide the technical architecture plus commercial and support models, to move to AWS