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Oracle-on-Oracle: how you can benefit

The benefits to your business of categorizing data and storing different grades on different tiers of hardware are many.


Greater efficiency and agility, more sustainable costs and better customer experiences are just a few of the ways an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) strategy and approach, combined with tiered storage architecture, can make a noticeable difference.


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In this article we look at the Oracle’s storage ecosystem. Oracle offers a range of Storage Appliances and services, each tailored to a specific purpose.

We’ve grouped the main ones together, to help you understand where they fit and what you might use them for (the benefits of Oracle-on-Oracle):

  • Easy to integrate
  • Your databases and backups take up less space
  • Higher speeds
  • Greater business agility
  • Intelligent active management
  • Single management portal


“Discover how using Oracle Engineered Systems and Storage Appliances with your Oracle databases and applications can drive even greater value.”

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