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Exadata migration and CRS – case study

Healthcare provider’s Exadata architecture and rapid migration from AIX


Cintra migrates 60 critical databases in 30 days to an optimized, highly available Exadata platform for US health provider


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The optimized Exadata architecture uses Cintra’s blueprinted implementation of Oracle Cluster Ready Service (CRS) and its proven automated failover process to provide high-availability without RAC.

Cintra’s 24-hour global migration factory then transfers 60 business-critical Oracle databases to the new platform, using its proven, low-risk, blueprinted approach for assured and rapid database migrations.


Key outcomes

  • Rapid discovery phase means project starts quickly and assuredly
  • Blueprinted architecture using Oracle CRS enables high-availability without RAC
  • Minimal- and zero-downtime migration approach minimizes risk and business disruption
  • 24-hour migration factory delivers production migrations to meet stringent deadlines


Read the case study