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SAP to Oracle OCI Cloud – Datasheet

Move and improve SAP to the Oracle OCI Cloud


Reduce costs and improve service levels by migrating your business-critical SAP ERP platform to the cloud, using enterprise grade Oracle IaaS and PaaS Database Exadata Cloud Services.

SAP sits at the heart of your operations. It’s hard to imagine life without it. Making sure it’s always available, secure and performing is a constant challenge for your technology teams. moving it to the cloud can deliver tremendous benefits around cost-savings, improved performance, availability, business agility and security, including:

  • Reduce or eliminate your on premises technology costs
  • Modernize your SAP infrastructure platform with cloud
  • Performance typically 3x better in the Oracle Cloud
  • Enable additional capacity for new capabilities or peak workloads
  • Improve operations with optimized backup/recovery and availability
  • Integrate your SAP applications seamlessly with your other cloud-based enterprise systems
  • Leverage Cintra Sensor 24×7 proactive cloud managed services to assure platform availability, security and performance
  • Combine your Cintra services and Oracle Cloud procurement under a single Cintra contract


Find out more in our SAP to Oracle OCI Cloud datasheet.