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SThree – case study

How Oracle Exadata is supporting 24-hour global recruitment at SThree


SThree was founded in 1986 focusing on ICT recruitment, and has since branched into other sectors, including banking and finance, engineering, energy, oil and gas and life sciences. Now turning over around £750 million, SThree’s brands employ more than 2,300 recruitment consultants globally, alongside 400 support staff.

All of these employees make extensive use of SThree’s core IT services, which include critical Oracle databases containing much of the data the company and its subsidiaries require to operate. These databases run on Oracle’s high-performance Exadata hardware and underpin SThree’s core recruitment and reporting activities.

Critical databases

Managing this critical part of SThree’s business is the Database Services team, whose job is to make sure the databases are available, optimally configured, adequately backed up and fully secure.

Like any organization with an in-house services team, SThree faced the risk that knowledge of its databases and the Exadata hardware could be lost if staff left the business. Moreover, it didn’t have formal 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week database support cover, and with its increasingly global operations, the need for this was becoming greater.


  • 24-7 service
  • Supporting databases that underpin £750M-worth of business
  • Reduced the cost associated with recruiting and training new staff
  • 1/3 of the cost of providing same capability in-house
  • 15-minute response time

“To provide the comprehensive 24-hour service that Cintra is delivering would cost us around three times more if we had to hire our own, full-time Oracle database experts.”

Said Hussain, Database Services Manager, SThree

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