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Systemax – case study

Leading the way with SAP on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


Cintra architects Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform for SAP, Demantra and bespoke ERP application, using Exadata Cloud Service. It then delivers a successful migration, enabling Systemax to avoid $2.5M on-prem refresh costs and reduce its data center footprint by 60%.

Underpinning Systemax’s large-scale, 24-hour operations are key information systems. It uses SAP for financials and for some of its human capital management. Alongside this, it has Oracle Demantra for inventory forecasting. And both these applications interface with a custom built ERP and data warehousing package.

The business-criticality of the applications meant that Systemax’s number-one priority was their stability and availability. In addition, performance needed to be robust, to ensure Systemax could always offer its customers a great experience when they interacted with its businesses.

Cintra created an architecture design for the three applications, using proven OCI reference architectures from its library of blueprints and then delivered a successful migration.


“Performance is markedly better across all three applications, largely as a result of moving from conventional infrastructure to the high-performance Exadata Cloud Service”

Manoj Shetty, Chief Information Officer at Systemax


Key outcomes

  • Cintra delivers cloud transformation of SAP, Demantra and bespoke ERP software
  • Retailer slashes its data center footprint by 60% and sees performance boost
  • Systemax also frees up over 3,000 hours per year of employee time for high-value work


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