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Arcosa – case study

Cintra delivers time-critical E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure transformation


Sub-90-day blueprinted OCI architecture design, delivery and migration enables new business to launch on-schedule, and enjoy robust high-availability in the cloud.

Trinity Industries was running a highly successful and diversified asset manufacturing, leasing and maintenance business. To enable the different parts of its operations to grow to the next level by focusing on their core areas of expertise, Trinity Industries had decided to spin off its infrastructure-related businesses as a new company, called Arcosa. This spin-off was planned to happen on 1st November 2018.

Read the case study to see how Cintra delivered the time-critical E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure transformation, helping pave the way for the on-schedule spin-off of Arcosa.


Key outcomes

  • Rapid, blueprinted discovery, architecture design and cloud provisioning
  • Successful E-Business Suite-to-OCI migration enables Arcosa to launch on-schedule
  • No unplanned downtime since launch


“Cintra drove resolutions and adjusted to these changes quickly. It meant that when cutover and go-live day came along, everything went exactly as expected. This was crucial in ensuring the spin-off could happen as planned”

Daewon Pak, Applications Portfolio Director, Trinity Industries


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