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Transform and modernize – Best Practice

Unleash transformational business change by modernizing your Oracle Database technology platform


Gain competitive edge through enhanced business agility, revolutionized customer experiences and reduced operational costs. Discover how to replace the legacy technology powering your databases with modern, hyper-converged and cloud-ready Oracle architecture, tailored exactly to your needs.


In this guide, we look at why so many organizations struggle to achieve these goals. We’ll explain why transforming the platform that underpins their critical Oracle databases and associated applications will empower the CIO or CTO to provide technology services that drive digital transformation. We’ll also outline a proven approach to deliver such changes.



  • Why smart organizations are transforming their Oracle technology platforms – and why you need to as well
  • Discover and quantify the benefits of transforming your Oracle technology platform
  • Delivering transformation: A proven way to modernize your Oracle database technology platform