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Maginus – case study

Unleashing the cloud platform for modern retail


Cintra partners with Maginus to architect, provision and support the cloud platform for its next-generation retail offering, unleashing faster time-to-market, reduced costs and more focus on growing the business for the ecommerce pioneer.


Maginus’s new cloud-first approach, supported by Cintra, has delivered instant results. Customer onboarding time has been cut by 50%, and the ability to do rapid customer proofs of concept and quickly deploy minimum viable platforms means Maginus customers can get innovations to market significantly more quickly.

Costs are also lower, with data center expenditure forecast to fall within months, as Maginus begins its phased programme to move customers away from its private cloud and into the Oracle OCI Cloud.


Key outcomes

  • New high-availability Oracle OCI Cloud architecture to host Maginus retail customers
  • Customer onboarding time reduced by 50%
  • Cloud-first approach enables Maginus to focus more resources on growing its business


“We can now respond to and capitalize on opportunities much more quickly, where this would previously have been slower or even impossible. This makes us a more attractive partner for our customers.”

Simon Dunleavy, Director of Cloud at Maginus

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