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Why Method R should form a core part of your journey to the cloud

Accurately measure the impact your cloud transition will have – Point of View


So that you can identify and resolve any performance challenges before they affect your users 

Moving parts of your technology estate to the cloud promises many benefits. But as you transition applications and databases from on-premises data centers into the cloud, you’re introducing lots of new variables that can impact on how your applications or websites might perform.

Read the point of view to discover:

  • How your cloud transition will affect performance
  • Why testing can be challenging
  • How the Method R Workbench can measure performance impact


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Method R Workbench is an incredibly powerful measurement tool for planning and delivering a successful journey to the cloud. By having the ability to accurately measure performance in the on-premises production and realistic cloud test environments, you can identify and resolve potential performance issues early, before they affect your users.