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Transform your Oracle technology platforms

Why smart organizations are transforming their Oracle technology platforms – and why you need to as well


Do you ever get frustrated that your organization can’t keep up with the agility of innovative start-ups? We explain in this opinion why your database technology platform may be to blame – and why you must act now to address it.


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Disruption has become the norm in virtually every industry: new and innovative companies – the likes of Uber, Airbnb and Rimac Automobili – are profoundly changing the way their respective sectors work. Established firms are struggling to keep up, and are seeing their margins squeezed, reputations eroded and customers abandoning them.

Your industry might already be facing disruptive change. If not, it could be just around the corner. Either way, rather than playing catch-up, you need to make sure you’re leading the way as one of the successful pioneers.


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