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Unleashing the cloud for Maginus

Cintra partners with Maginus to architect, provision and support the cloud platform for its next-generation retail offering, unleashing faster time-to-market, reduced costs and more focus on growing the business for…



Cintra CTO and President Abdul Sheikh discusses a…


Data analytics and business intelligence (BI)

Data is among your organization’s most important assets. Leverage it the right way, and it can drive faster and more informed decision-making, improved customer experiences, reduced costs and lower risks.

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Optimized journey to the enterprise cloud

In this point of view, Abdul Raoof Sheikh, President and Global CTO at Cintra, explains what smart organizations are doing to turn themselves into successful industry leaders.

Case study

Optimized Flexcube banking platform and managed services

We architected, delivered and now manage the optimized…

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Deliver a cloud pilot of your application for a customer in 30 days

By using proven designs and following established processes,…

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Nine things every ISV needs to know

Oracle Cloud is engineered to work with your…

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Deliver the benefits of cloud to your existing application users

In this article, we explore the benefits of…