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in today’s fast-moving world

Our five-pillar approach, delivered by our multi-award-winning team, enables you to start your optimization journey:

  • Oracle architecture, commercial and licensing assessment
  • Oracle private, public and hybrid enterprise cloud architectures
  • Cloud-readiness and enterprise workload migrations
  • Performance optimization for next level user experiences
  • Smart proactive and preventative optimized managed services


Start re-imagining your architecture today, by unleashing your smart, optimized and cloud ready architecture for your own enterprise applications today.

Optimized Architectures

Transform your organization with a modern optimized Enterprise Architecture that delivers world-class performance, rock-solid availability, agility and assured data protection and security.

  • Case study

    Transformational application speed-up in just two days

    Cintra helps food retail giant accelerate load times of key screens from two minutes to…
  • Case Study

    Totemic enhances its business-critical Oracle systems

    Our smart managed services have ensured zero application outages for financial services provider Totemic.
  • Case study


    Cintra’s smart Oracle private cloud architecture is underpinning the airline’s ambitious expansion.
  • Case study

    A scalable platform for the IoT age

    Our optimized Oracle private cloud platform is enabling our customer to rapidly expand its IoT…
  • Case study

    Retailer takes control of its Oracle licensing

    We optimized a major retailer’s Oracle licenses, creating room for modernization and innovation.
  • Case study

    Optimized Flexcube banking platform and managed services

    We architected, delivered and now manage the optimized platform that underpins a major African bank’s…